Athens and The Peloponnese

In April, 2007, Gerhard and I spent a week in Athens and then toured the Peloponnese with a tent. What history! What beauty! Take a look . . .

Bild Icon Statue of Sisyphus in front of the Nat. Arch. Museum, Athens63.06 KB
Bild Icon Hellenistic vase, Nat. Arch. Museum, Athens51.29 KB
Bild Icon Dipylon Amphora, marking an 8th century BC grave45.02 KB
Bild Icon Penelope by Drosis; Gysis in background;National Gallery, Athens42.6 KB
Bild Icon "The Runner", a monument in plexiglas, Athens71.8 KB
Bild Icon Changing of the guard, Athens64.27 KB
Bild Icon Acropolis at night, seen from Lykavittos Hill, Athens59.38 KB
Bild Icon Theater of Herodes Atticus, Acropolis, Athens85.49 KB
Bild Icon Janice & Gerhard in front of the Erechthion, Acropolis77.54 KB
Bild Icon To view the rest of the Parthenon Marbles, go to London . . .62.85 KB
Bild Icon Lykavittos Hill, Central Athens75.47 KB
Bild Icon Roof decorations on the Stoa of Attalos, Ancient Agora, Athens41.66 KB
Bild Icon View over Athens from Lykavittos Hill70.09 KB
Bild Icon Oranges and orange blossoms92.76 KB
Bild Icon Theater of Epidaurus94.83 KB
Bild Icon What is this Thai "Spirit House" doing in Greece?96.47 KB
Bild Icon "Plönlein" in Greece: Gates to the Palamidi Fortress, Nafplio102.53 KB
Bild Icon Fortified Isle of Bourtzi, Nafplio Harbor37.94 KB
Bild Icon Prodromou Monastery, Lousios Gorge, Peloponnese94.68 KB
Bild Icon Prodromou Monastery in the Lousios Gorge93.8 KB
Bild Icon Mountain road from Kalamata to Sparta84.21 KB
Bild Icon Mystras, a Byzantine jewel67.75 KB
Bild Icon View from Mystras over Sparta59.66 KB
Bild Icon Dome of Moni Perivleptou, Mystras: Christ in Judgment93.42 KB
Bild Icon Aroania Mountains, northern Peloponnese61.57 KB
Bild Icon Hike along the Diakopto-Kalavrita Cog Train Rail115.59 KB
Bild Icon The Navel of the World: DELPHI84.36 KB
Bild Icon "On your mark; Get set; GO! The Phythian Games75.99 KB
Bild Icon Sanctuary Athena Pronaia, Delphi91.83 KB
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das ist echt klasse! So ein riesiges Report über die Reise in Griechenland. Einfach toll. Aber mir hat nur diese "Ruine" besonders gefallen: