WAIT for Black Tubab

Tubab is the general name for a white tourist in The Gambia, and there is a similar word in Sierra Leone; and we have coined “black tubab” for black tourists as well. Since Tuesday June 26th I have been on non-stop tours. Rolf and I first went to Isabell, we were an hour late but she didn’t complain as she had already been warned about WAIT. She took us to an ancient castle overlooking Eslingen. The next day found us at Hugo’s work place to see the water recycling plant, and we got first hand lectures and actually saw how the whole plant operated. The zoo was next, and it was so exciting being there that we almost lost count of time. Birne, Markus, Uddy and of course “Spiderman” were patiently waiting for us. By now most people had adapted to WAIT (West African International Time) and so there was no need for us to give any excuses for being late. We even got a warm welcome as we left Birne’s office for yet another tour of the city of Stuttgart. The tour was rounded up by watching action man Bruce Wulis in “live well or die hard” at small KINO (cinema). To be continued…..

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