Tower takes Crazy to TV Tower

The visit to the TV tower in Stuttgart was very spectacular for me. The view from the 150m height was really, really nice. We had already been to the wind mill on Thursday 5th July, another impressive structure that is used to generate energy. Tower was particularly happy to show me this mill and before that, two solar panel installations. He said they provide free energy and that helps to reduce the pollution of the environment.

Tower, Lia and I made our first stop at the home of his parents. We had an evening meal together, and his sister joined us later for a chat. She, like few other Germans, surprised me a lot. I had to ask if she already knew me before, and that I would be there with her parents.
In the morning of July 6th, we went to the school with which Tower had made arrangements for us to visit, and I was given the honour to talk 12th and 13th grade students about myself, the culture of my country Sierra Leone and that of the The Gambia where I am currently living and working. Then to the Tower I mentioned earlier. We still had some time left for coffee before going for my presentation at the town hall. The presentation itself was a masterpiece, thanks to Tower´s skills with power point, and the audience liked it very much. Sadly not many people turned up as we had hoped for, and the German weather had not been kind to me either, it was rather very rainy and cold, but “this is summer in Germany” says my hosts.

Saying good bye to friends has never been easy for me, and particularly so with Christina (Mrs Tower). She made me feel like I was leaving home for an unknown destination. She was such a nice person that I felt we’ve known each other for a very long time. She was always working hard to make me feel very comfortable at her home. Like the dedicated mother she was to Lia, or “Madam”, and her family, we talked a lot about our two families.

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