The crazy guy from Gambia is back in The Gambia!!!

First of all a big excuse that I let you guys wait so long without updating my column. And the bad news is that I got nothing to excuse myself for not writing. Just the lazy bit of me which I intend to disassociate myself from. I however want you to know that I came back in one whole piece, and I had to do a lot of talking about my impressions of Europe and the Europeans. Yeah, I told them quite a lot!!! But not everything.

FAF Gambia welcomed me back home, as did my family and friends, and they all appreciated very much the successful exchange visit that was organized for me. We had some fruitful discussions about the way forward. Right now we’re to embark on a project geared toward helping a nursery school nearby as an approach to representing FAF as a charitable club. We will be trying some of the methodologies which in our opinion may be good and can be practicable here. I learnt a lot from Rolf and the others while I was there. More to come later.

I hope I have been a good representative for Sierra Leone, The Gambia and of course FAF Gambia. It is very important for me to know that I didn’t step on too many toes, considering cultural differences, but if I did (of course I did sometimes) please forgive me. It is my hope that with this visit, we can come closer: FAF Germany and FAF Gambia!!

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