Khloster Festival

The big day is here at last, the Kloster festival! strange looking dresses you see only in the movies all over the place. They say these were worn in medeaval times, and the whole idea was to bring history to life. I had a typical African outfit and sure enough that drew some attention, especially when the Mayor announced my name over the loud speaking system as we approached the center where he was announcing the arrival of different groups. He spoke in english at this point in time, for my benefit and other english speakers I guess, that here comes Fun And Fairplay and a special welcome to Mr Usman Kuraisy all the way from Gambia, Afrika. I waved proudly at him and the crowd. I toured a lot with Jorg and his friend Ralph, strange foods, exciting performances by some great artists and lots more. late in the evening I helped at our FAF camp to serve people. the weather was pretty bad on the first day, but very nice the following day. More people turned up and added to the excitement. I saw at least one black man but I think there were people from many different places. I was introduced to many friends and relations of FAF, and my name, crazy, when mentioned would bring some laughter. Germans are very concerned about how and what I feel or think about their people and their country, but I think its a bit early for me to say. I have met quite some warm people, asking about Afrika and Gambia in particular, and for some english is a bit difficult and so cannot talk much as they would have loved to. Most touching moment for me was to receive an envelope with a post card from a neighbour I havent known or even heard of, she wished me a happy stay in germany. that was quite African. and there was another lady whom I had met at the festival, when she saw me yesterday, she stopped her car and came to me for a chat. I couldn´t believe it, becuase I had this idea of white people not having much time for themselves, let alone for a stranger.

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