Crazy meets Mayor Felchle

Today, Friday 22nd June is my third day in maulbronn. Biggest event for the day was the meeting with the Mayor of Maulbron, Mr Andy Felchle. And then "Juma" (Friday) Prayers for muslims at a nearby mosque, the only one in town. In the evening, Roth (the only sister of the Langohrs) and I joined other FAF members in setting up the tents and other items in readiness for the great Kloster Festival, which, among other things, is the reason for my being here. We've been working at the FAF site since Wednesday, the very day I landed in Maulbronn(quite an unusual way to welcome a guest from nearly 3000 miles!!!) Looking forward to great action at the Festival tomorrow. Heard lots of things said about it and ofcourse the World Heritage "The Maulbronn Monastry". Not much socializing yet, most of the time we meet other FAF members only at the site for the festival, and work, work, work!!! Ah yes, and lots of drinks too, plus candies and the famous Italian Pitza made by Indians for Germans and eaten by an African. Looks like am the only black "tubab" around for this festival and in town for that matter. So look out, I could win a medal for that.

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