Crazy goes to Barcelona

It was quite warm in Barcelona. My good old pal, Bob Pedro, was right there to pick me up. We took the train to meet his lovely wife, Leslsy, who was waiting for us at home. Rice and Honduran stew ready to be served. Probably due to my long relation with Bob, but largely due to Lesley herself, I felt very much relaxed. That Saturday evening, we met a close Gambian friend of mine in one of the famous pedestrian streets in Barcelona. This friend and I had shared the same compound, the very compound where we hosted some dieweltreisenden guys (Rolf, Roland, Uwei and Christiani) in 2005. The streets were overflowing with tourist from all corners of the world, and there were many different kinds of entertainment. The next two days were pretty crowded; Bob wanted me to see so many places of interest in just three days. On Sunday 8th July, Lesley, Bob and I visited Bob’s place of work and thereafter toured some more nice places. We rounded up the evening at a 3 D cinema, a very impressive technology that gives the viewer the feeling of being part of the very action he is seeing.

Monday 9th July was meant to be my last hang about in Europe. I was taken to the famous L’aquarium, another masterpiece with many kinds of fishes, ranging in colour and size. I saw with great wonder sharks, octopuses and other kinds of water life for the very first time. In fact quite a lot of things were happening to me for the first time, and the feelings inside me cannot be accurately described at this juncture. The long flights, trains, restaurants, teleferic de montjuic, cinemas, beautiful views over historical places and lots more, not to mention the warmth and enthusiasm of my tour guides. But all good stories must come to an end. Tuesday 10th July, few hours more for me to depart. We did some quick shopping, and for lunch we had pizza and some juice at the Café downstairs where I was told, dieweltreisenden boys had shown some pictures from their tours in Africa. We then took the train to the airport. Parting was again painful for us all, but Lesley and I tried to lighten up by telling lots of jokes. After the hectic security checks, we waved good bye. But I was yet to pass another night in a hotel after some delays at the airport, which I really welcomed. My flight had some problems with its crews, so it was cancelled and we finally departed at 9 a.m. the following morning.

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