Black Tubab (part II

Thursday june 28th was Mam’s turn. She wanted me to see the other side of Germany, the “country side”, the villages with similar settings: church, Priest’s house and city hall all in the centre, surrounded by farms on one side and vine yards on the other with forests in the background.
On Friday Tariq to picked me up for a tour to Forthzein and to see the famous hill that was made up of the rumbles from the destruction of that city in Second World War. I passed the night at Hugo’s house and worked on my presentation for Friday 26th in Leonberg late into the night after a wonderful dinner with the Hugo family. The next day his family and I went to Bruchsal castle and saw quite some extraordinary musical instruments, artworks, rocks and a lot of German history at the museum there. Just after lunch, I tried some 20 or so minutes sleep before going to the lake near the monastery. shortly it will be Afrika Night.

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